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Men's Guide


Need to buy that special gift for a Birthday, Christmas or Valentines and not sure where to start?
It's easy online with Irresistible... we will even gift wrap your purchases at no extra cost!


Choosing the Right Size

Trying to check the label while your partner's still wearing it could prove tricky. To find out your partners size the best way is to check the clean washing! This way you can guarantee it's her current size (the lingerie drawer might tell you a different story) A bra size is a combination of a number and a letter. The number indicates the back size and the letter indicates the cup size. This is what you are looking for on the label.

Choosing the Right Style

Does she wear padded bras or non-padded bras? Does she wear shorts, briefs or thongs? It's best to buy the style she normally wears then you know she will like it and wear it.


Refunds & Exchanges

There's no need to worry if she would like to swap your choice for another size or style or if you change your mind and would like a refund. Just return it to us in its original condition with all the labels and swing tickets on and we will refund or exchange for you.


Need Advice?

We are happy to help with any questions you might have and help you choose the perfect gift.
Just email and I will personally respond within 24 hours.